Our New Elevator System



The passenger elevators serving the Tower at Wells Fargo Center are undergoing a quantum leap in elevator technology. These elevators are being modernized with Schindler's MiconicĀ®10 elevator management system; a revolutionary elevator scheduling and traffic management system that helps people arrive at their destination sooner, with less crowding and more comfort than with conventional elevator systems.

At the heart of the system is an advanced computer that keeps track of the location of the elevator cars, the number of people using the elevators at any time, the number people who have called an elevator car and their destination floors. The Miconic 10 system schedules all elevator movements to bring people to their destinations as quickly as possible and to minimize crowding in the elevator cars. The system is a bit different from standard elevator; but, it's easy to use. The key to the system is the Miconic 10 keypad.

AS EASY AS 1-2-3

Miconic 10 keypads are conveniently located at the ends of each elevator lobby on each floor. Each keypad features push buttons, which you use to register your floor number.

Elevator Tips:

· Don’t try to stop the elevator doors from closing. Never stick your hands, feet, or a cane between closing doors: wait for the next elevator or push the “Door Open” button if you are inside the elevator.
· Watch your step as you enter or exit the elevator; step carefully over the threshold.
· When riding the elevator, stand away from the doors and hold the handrail.
· Keep track of the floor indications so that you aren’t taken by surprise when you reach your destination.
· Take the stairs if there is a fire in the building.
· Exit immediately at your floor; do not wait for others behind you.
· Do not exit an elevator that has not stopped normally; wait for help to arrive.

If you’re delayed

If you are on an elevator that stops between floors, remember the 3 C’s:


· Let people know you are stopped by pushing or pulling the alarm button.
· Use the elevator phone or intercom, if it is available, to call to report the stop. Be sure to give the appropriate information, what building you are in, the elevator number, and what floors you are in-between.
· Use your cell phone to let others know you are stopped between floors.

Calm Down

· It’s best to be patient in these types of situations. An elevator is like a “safe room” with plenty of air and safety mechanisms in place. It is best if you sit on the floor or situate yourself for when the elevator starts up again.
· Relax and wait for help.


· Assure everyone in the elevator, including yourself, that help will come. Do not attempt to leave the elevator. Many injuries occur when people try to escape from an elevator stopped between floors.
· Tell everyone not to force open the elevator doors. It is much safer in the elevator car if the doors are closed.

Step 1: Press the pushbuttons on the keypad for your desired floor

Step 2: Read the elevator car assignment letter on the display screen above the keypad

Step 3: Walk to your assigned elevator, enter the car when the doors open, and enjoy the smooth ride

Information provided by the State of Oregon Building Codes Division, Salem, OR