Vendor and Contractor Parking

Wells Fargo Center offers several parking options for vendors and contractors doing business at Wells Fargo Center.

Parking Garage:

The Wells Fargo Center Garage offers ample visitor parking. Entrance is located on Jefferson Street between 4th and 5th Avenues. Level A visitor parking is available for short term parking by the hour and is often between the hours of 6:00a.m. and 6:00 p.m. weekdays. The height restriction in this level of the Garage is 6'1". See Parking under Visitor Information for more parking information.

Contractors working on a special project during the evening and weekend hours can arrange for special parking during those hours only. A discounted rate applies for each use and the Contractor will be billed for that usage. Contact The Garage office on Level A or the Building Management office for more information.

SD Level Parking:

The coned off section of parking on the SD Level of the Garage (the first level of the Garage before Level A) is reserved for short term loading and unloading on the SD Level only for approved contractors and tenants with storage on the SD Level. Parking on this level by anyone else, for any other reason, is subject to immediate towing at the vehicle owner's expense. The height restriction at this level of the Garage is 8'.

Loading Docks:

Parking in the Tower loading dock is restricted to Tower deliveries only, with a maximum of 20 minutes. Parking in the DP Building loading dock is restricted to Wells Fargo & Company mail and distribution, and approved Bank vendors and contractors serving the Bank's operations in that building. See Freight Elevators and Loading Docks for more information about loading docks.

Off Street Parking:

Streets surrounding Wells Fargo Center have ample truck parking zones and metered "pay" parking. We politely request that all vendors and contractors doing business at Wells Fargo Center avoid parking their commercial vehicles in metered "pay" spaces on 4th and 5th Avenues. We wish to keep these spaces available for visitors and guests of our tenants. Street parking is controlled and enforced by the City of Portland.