Vendor Insurance

Certificate of Insurance Requirements
Vendors and Service Contracts

All contractors must have a valid Certificate of Insurance on file with the Building Management Office. Please make sure the certificate is completed in accordance with the information and limits of liability stated below:

Certificate Holder: Wells Fargo & Company, N.A.
CBRE, Inc.
1300 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 2130
Portland, Oregon 97201
Additional Insureds: Wells Fargo & Company, N.A.
CBRE, Inc.

Comprehensive Liability:
  • $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit bodily injury and property damage
Property Damage Liability:
  • Not less than $2,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence
Worker's Compensation:
Disability Benefits: Statutory Amount
Employer's Liability: $1,000,000 per occurrence

Business Automobile Liability:

$2,000,000 bodily injury limit for each person and $2,000,000 for each accident and property damage liability limits of at least $2,000,000 for each accident

Waiver of Subrogation Clause

Please note that this policy must not be canceled or changed so as to affect insurance described by the certificate until thirty (30) days after written notice of such cancellation or change has been delivered to the Building Management Office.