Vendor Rules

Vendors and service contractors shall observe the following rules when working here in Wells Fargo Center. These rules apply to the grounds, parking facilities, skybridge, and all other spaces within the Tower and DP Building. All construction projects are subject to the "Construction Rules and Regulations" dated 12-15-11.
  1. Work in common areas shall be restricted to after building operating hours (after 6:00 p.m. and before 6:00 a.m. weekdays, all day Saturdays, and all day Sunday).

  2. Any work that interferes with the occupants of the building or disrupts tenants and their visitors, shall be restricted to after building operating hours as defined above. Disruptive work includes: Demolition, coring, painting, carpeting, welding or soldering, testing of fire systems, drilling, sawing, use of volatile organic compounds, and with asbestos containing materials.

  3. Under no circumstances shall carts, hand trucks, or dollies be used in a passenger elevator or in the main lobbies of Tower level 1 or Tower level 2.

  4. Restroom usage shall be restricted to the restrooms located on SD Level of the Tower, or Lower Level of the DP Building

  5. Access to mechanical spaces, telephone rooms, electrical rooms, and rise closets are provided by security. All requests must be approved in advance by engineering, building management, or a tenant (depending upon the room and the nature of the work being performed). Anyone doing work in one of these spaces must read and sign the Asbestos Notification form available at the security console located at the 4th Avenue entrance.

  6. For moving tenant furniture and equipment, walls and floors leading from the freight elevator to the tenant space shall be covered with Masonite or other durable protective material.

  7. Vendor personnel shall behave in a professional and dignified manner. Inappropriate dress or behavior will be reported for redress. Loud, abusive, or profane language will not be tolerated. No radios are allowed. Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside or outside the buildings except in the designated smoking areas (outside plaza areas, south side of the Tower and DP Building).

  8. Vendors and contractors must first check in with security on a daily basis. Security is located at the 4th Avenue entrance. For access rules and conditions see Vendor Access.

  9. Usage of the Tower loading dock is restricted to deliveries only during normal building hours (7:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday - Friday), with a time limit of 20 minutes and up to three trips on the freight elevator. See Freight Elevators and Loading Docks for more information, rules and conditions of usage.

  10. Vendor and contractor shall be responsible for the daily removal of trash and debris from the job site. At no time shall the building dumpsters be used for the contractor's trash or debris. Under no circumstances shall dust or debris be swept from an elevator into the elevator pit.