Wells Fargo Center offers a leadership role in the conservation of resources and the reuse of material by commercial buildings, actively demonstrates to its peers and to the public the good sense and economic viability of such programs, and maintains a support platform and business environment from which our vendors, tenants, and their employees and associates can effectively pursue similar but independent goals.

In pursuit of this mission, Wells Fargo Center is proud to state the following accomplishments:

Waste Reduction:

  • Recycle office waste paper, cardboard, newspapers and magazines and phone books
  • Recycle plastic, glass, aluminum and batteries
  • Recycle oils, metal, Halon and refrigerant
  • Recycle lamps and ballasts
  • Reuse (through donation) office equipment and surplus supplies and furniture
  • Recycle demolition waste and reuse doors, cabinets, and carpeting
  • Installed automatic faucets to reduce water waste
  • Installed automatic soap dispensers to reduce soap consumption and waste
  • Purchase in bulk where practical
  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible
  • Minimize paper use where possible
  • Promote carpooling and mass transit (mass transit tickets sold on-site)
  • Reduced water flow to toilet fixtures
  • Host tenant box lunches on sustainable practices
  • Installed dual flush feature on water closets to further reduce water consumption
Product Purchasing:
  • Toilet tissue and paper towels, office paper, and plastic trash bags and liners are all 100% recycled
  • Purchased Hepa filtered vacuums
Energy Conservation:
  • Installed sweep lighting to turn off lighting automatically after-hours
  • Installed occupancy sensors
  • Changed all fluorescent lighting to T8 and electronic ballasts
  • Changed incandescent lighting to compact fluorescent
  • Substantial upgrades to the physical plant, including chillers, pumps, cooling towers, and controls
  • Initiated numerous operational policies and procedures to reduce energy consumption and promote same to tenants
  • Upgrade elevator equipment and controls to reduce energy consumption
  • Purchase equipment that meets or exceeds the Energy Star rating
  • Partner with The Energy Trust of Oregon on opportunities to reduce energy and promote wise energy consumption
At Wells Fargo Center we encourage environmental friendly programs. Our leading program is recycling. It not only saves money but also saves energy, clean air and water, landfill space and conserves our valuable natural resources.

In 2010, Wells Fargo Center recycled 68 tons of paper. That equates to a savings of enough energy to power 34 homes for a year, 476,000 gallons of water, over 224 cubic yards of landfill space, and 2 tons of air pollution kept from entering the atmosphere.

Wells Fargo Center is enrolled in Energy Star. We are committed to helping save our tenants money and protect the environment through the purchase of energy efficient products and the implementation of energy saving practices.